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Searching for a Company That Makes a Difference? Look No Further!

Guest Post by Taylor Keightley


With just coming through the gift-giving season, I thought it would be perfect timing to share my top five small businesses that give back to the community. This time of year we feed into consumerism while there are others in this world that are struggling to get their basic needs met. The great thing about these top five small businesses is that they provide us with great products while also helping those struggling. I highly encourage you to check them out and support them!

  • Purpose Jewelry: 
    • PURPOSE Jewelry is handcrafted by artisans that have been rescued from the sex trafficking industry, and provides freedom and hope to these artisans. This organization is amazing because you can change someone's life for the better with just one purchase.  For the past 11 years, this company has partnered with artisans all over the world not only providing hope by creating jobs for them, but also providing holistic care which includes education, healthcare, and counseling. These services help teach the artisans life skills that are needed to move on from their past.  The company has been featured on many well-known platforms such as the Huffington Post, ABC 7, OC Metro, and many others.  And when you think about it, you should always feel good about what you are wearing right?  Doesn't it empower you when you feel confident in what you are supporting?  If so, go check out their website.  We have been called to "Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked." -Psalm 82:4 (ESV)



  • Pure Vida Bracelets
    • Pura Vida means "pure life" in Spanish, a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life's simple treasures.  It's more than just a's a lifestyle.  Every Pura Vida bracelet is carefully handcrafted by artisans around the world.  The commitment to their craft is conveyed through the quality of their work.  Pura Vida has partnered with over 174 different charities around the world and has donated more than $1,534,879.20 to causes people to believe in by offering a “charity” line of bracelets. Money has been raised for causes ranging from cancer awareness to suicide prevention.  If you want to check out what charities they support, go check them out in the "Pura Vida Bracelets" link above! "Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed."  - Proverbs 19:17 (ESV)


  • Ecou Straws:
    • I recently came across these straws and have absolutely fallen in love with the mission and vision of their company! In recent years, there has been a huge push to save our environment.  It started with charging for plastic bags at grocery stores and more recently pushing to get rid of plastic straws, or at least only providing them upon request.  I am sure you have seen all the videos of marine animals getting pieces of plastic cut off from around their neck or other body parts, pulled out of their noses, etc.  Researchers say 100 million marine animals die EACH year from plastic.  That is when the idea of reusable straws was born!  Even though there are a lot of reusable straw organizations out there now, I truly think this is the best.  I love the idea that this straw is shatter-resilient borosilicate glass, meaning it is super durable. I also love that it is clear so you can see if it is dirty and clean accordingly (I can be a little bit of a clean freak sometimes!).  Another reason why these straws are the best is that they don't absorb any smells or flavors from past drinks which is a big pet peeve of mine. All that to say go get yours now!! "[...] Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth."  - Genesis 1:28 (ESV)

  • Kinship United:
    • When you donate to this organization, you are donating to so many great things that they are doing. You are helping transform lives by rescuing orphans and widows in some of the most impoverished areas of the world.  Not only does your help meet their physical needs but also their spiritual and emotional needs. Kinship homes become a safe place for these orphans and widows to be a part of a family environment.  So your short term act of kindness and love provides long term care relief centers, water sources, feeding programs, schools, medical clinics, and more.  "He executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing."  - Deuteronomy 10:18 (ESV)


  • Adoration Apparel:
    • Alright, now let's take about apparel that gives back!! There are MANY apparel companies that give back in some sort of way, but this apparel company is special! It is a Christ-focused apparel and fashion company that uses proceeds to sponsor kids in need.  Currently, they are working with two organizations: Children International and Compassion International.  Before I continue to tell you why Adoration Apparel is so special, I want you to think what it means for you to put on Christ daily?  Does it look like wearing something that says you are a believer?  Does it look like wearing some sort of jewelry with a cross?  Holding up a sign?  Being a missionary?  Serving or giving within your community?  What does it look like?
    • For me, I wear a cross ring daily and that typically will open the door for conversation just about anywhere.  Think about it, we use our hands to do just about everything and so a lot of people look at your hands.  For other people, they may wear Christian apparel. I find that Christian apparel, especially Adoration Apparel, is one of the best ways to start a meaningful conversation with those around you.  This company has great designs and thoughtful messages that are conveyed through their clothing line. After all, clothing is a great way for people to connect within their community.  Think of it this way, when you wear a t-shirt that has a statement I would say about 8/10 people read your t-shirt whether you realize it or not.  Shoot, if they can't see what it says, they may even ask you, "What does your shirt say?"  That just opens the door and allows you to start sharing the Gospel with that person. Imagine what it would look like if each believer wore Adoration Apparel once a week.  Imagine how many more people we could reach!
    • Romans 1:16 (ESV) says, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek."  Adoration Apparel and other Christian apparel/products are just another way for us to allow Jesus to use us here on earth as his disciples to promote him.  Call us walking billboards if I may.  I think if we are willing to wear and publicize other brands such as Nike and Adidas because we love them and support them, then why not wear something that has way more meaning? Enter Adoration Apparel - go check them out!


In the end, all these companies are amazing at giving back for great causes whether it's supporting victims of human trafficking, helping orphans and widows or providing us a platform to share the good news with others.  What small organizations do you support during the holiday season or year round?


Taylor Keightley

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